Vote on GMSD’s March Athlete of the Month for High School and Middle School

March 2024 - GMSD is excited to announce the nominations for March’s Athlete of the Month! Athlete of the Month is presented by Alisha Dumas with State Farm. These nominations are based on athletic work ethic, attitude, and sportsmanship, but these student athletes are just that - students first, athletes second. They must have good academic standing, maintain a good attendance record, and have a positive outlook towards their education and their community. Receiving a nomination is an honor in itself!

Each month the community will get to vote on which athlete they would like to see become the GMSD Athlete of the Month. There is a High School category and a Middle School category. Voting for these categories will be kept separate, so each month there will be an Athlete of the Month from the High School and the Middle School. The winners will be announced towards the end of each month. 

Here are the March High School nominees: 

Lindsey Barnes - Junior, Softball 

Lindsey is known as a strong leader who provides support for her teammates. She is always cheering them on, and she will even take teammates aside to continue giving them words of encouragement or tips and tricks on how they can improve. Lindsey is a multi-sport athlete, also running for cross country and track & field, where she made the All Metro Team for the Commercial Appeal. One big accomplishment from her athletic career is having a batting average of .350 during the 2023 softball season. Stemming from her encouraging attitude and continued hard work, she has also held multiple team captain titles during her time as a GMSD athlete. 

Jacob Kaimimoku - Junior, Lacrosse 

As a sophomore in 2023, Jacob played as a starting midfielder for the Houston Mustangs, featuring in all 18 games during the season, where his team made it to the Semi-Final round of the TSLA Division 1 Public School State Championship Playoffs. Jacob is an essential team player and a natural leader who motivates and supports his teammates both on and off the field. He is a huge contributor to his team, as a leading scorer and passer. Jacob has a competitive spirit and a desire that drives him to excel in both academics and athletics. Jacob is widely known for his sportsmanship and unwavering dedication to the game, making him an exceptional teammate and an invaluable asset to any team.

Kaylee Logan - Junior, Softball 

Kaylee is a very competitive athlete, and her advanced skill set has allowed her to play above her age group. The thing that really makes Kaylee shine is her sportsmanship and the close relationships that she has with her teammates. Kaylee demonstrates a level of understanding, compassion, and maturity that allows her teammates to look to her as a go-to person. She provides support through her positive attitude, and she is a cheerleader for her teammates. Kaylee is focused on excelling both academically and athletically.

Robinson Martin - Senior, Baseball

Robinson demonstrates strong teamwork by actively engaging with his teammates, offering assistance when needed, and fostering a positive environment. His leadership style involves clear communication, and he works to create a cohesive team dynamic by leading by example. His motivation stems from a goal-oriented mindset, the pursuit of self-improvement, and a commitment to achieving both athletic and academic success. He is known for his kindness and always working to leave a positive impact on those around him. Robinson has committed to play baseball at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. 

Ryan Mitchell - Junior, Baseball

During Ryan’s athletic career, he has committed to play baseball at Georgia Tech, been selected for the 15U Team USA National Team winning a gold medal, and started as a freshman on the Houston High School basketball and baseball Teams. Ryan’s interaction with his teammates lays a foundation for a fun, relaxing, and productive environment. Ryan serves as a leader to his teammates by helping them during practice or providing support when needed. Ryan is motivated to fulfill a lifelong dream to become a professional baseball player. If successful in achieving his dream and the financial windfall that comes with it, Ryan would like to use some of that income to provide opportunities for future youth players. Ryan recognizes that academic success is the foundation to future opportunities. For this reason, he committed to Georgia Tech to further his academic and athletic career.  

Evalyn Sperry - Senior, Lacrosse 

Evalyn is a team captain for HHS lacrosse this season, and she actively works together with other team captains to help mentor her team in all aspects of lacrosse. She encourages her teammates to work hard and maintain an uplifting attitude. She is a very conscientious leader and strives to be a good example for her team. Through her competitive spirit, she perseveres both in lacrosse and in academics when she faces any challenge. Evalyn was named the Breakout Player of the Year during the 2022 season, and in 2023, she was the offensive MVP. She plans to attend the University of Tennessee at Knoxville’s College of Nursing where she plans to become a nurse anesthetist. 

Here are the March Middle School nominees: 

Canon Day - 8th Grade, Houston Middle School, Baseball 

Canon has secured numerous Most Valuable Pitcher and Most Valuable Player awards at various tournaments, and in 2023, he led his team to victory at the esteemed BCS Perfect Game National Championship. Canon is known for supporting and uplifting his teammates and leading by example. He actively chooses to be a positive role model for his teammates, and he is always working hard to give his very best. Canon understands the importance of balance, and he strives to excel both academically and athletically. 

Brayelle Jackson - 7th Grade, Houston Middle School, Track & Field 

Brayelle has been pursuing her athletic potential since she started with gymnastics at the age of 3. She quickly found interest in other sports including volleyball and track & field. Brayelle competes in the 100 and 200 meter dash, and she consistently places in the top 3. She is known for being a compassionate friend, classmate, and teammate. She is always willing to help and provide any kind of support and encouragement that she can. Brayelle understands the importance of maintaining balance as a student-athlete, and she works hard to keep her discipline and consistency in both pursuits. 

Chloe McKinley - 6th Grade, Riverdale, Track & Field

Chloe has been running track since the third grade, and she has qualified for State in cross country in fourth, fifth, and sixth grade. She continuously pushes herself to do her best and hit new personal records, and last season, that dedication and drive helped her team to place 2nd in the MYA Championship. Chloe is known for showing up with a smile on her face, and her positive attitude is so encouraging to other runners. She pushes her teammates to do their very best, and she pursues that same level of excellence for herself, not just in running but also in academics, dance, theater, orchestra, and so much more. 

Ian McNeil - 8th Grade, Houston Middle School, Track & Field 

Ian is currently ranked 10th in the state of Tennessee for returning middle schoolers running the 1600m, and in track one of his career highlights is placing third in the 1600m at the MYA Championship last year, running a 5:09 mile. He is also a member of the 2022 Tennessee State Championship team for cross country, and the runner-up at the TMSAA State Championship. Ian encourages his teammates to always do their very best, and he is there to help them and congratulate them with every race they finish. As a member of the National Junior Honor Society and Beta Club, Ian also values and pursues academic excellence.  

Oliver Moseley - 8th Grade, Riverdale, Track & Field  

Oliver has been on the Riverdale track team both his seventh and eighth grade years. Oliver has excelled and placed in long jump, high jump, and relays. He always strives to break his personal records and place, but mostly, he works hard to give his very best to his team. He loves cheering on and motivating his teammates, and his positive attitude and encouragement continues in both athletics and academics. He enjoys being with his teammates and his fellow classmates!

Molly Slocum - 8th Grade, Houston Middle School, Softball

Molly has been a part of the HMS softball team since her sixth grade year, and she has loved being a team member for two winning seasons! Molly plays outfield and is currently a co-captain for this upcoming 2024 season. She is also a cross country runner and has placed in multiple races throughout her 3 years on the team. Molly is an encourager and invests in the younger athletes on the team. She sees her role as one to unify the team and encourage the players day in and day out. Molly works towards success in all that she does. She is a member of Beta Club, National Junior Honor Society, and a Lipizzan House Leader. 


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