Houston Middle School Students Win Big in State Bookmark Contest!

January 2024 - We are delighted to announce that Houston Middle School students have once again emerged victorious in the Tennessee Association of School Librarian’s (TASL) State Bookmark Contest, marking their third consecutive triumph. The students showcased exceptional digital talent, with Abigail Koertge securing first place in the new Digital Category of Division III, and Emily Chow earning second place.

Abigail Koertge's and Emily Chow's outstanding skills in the digital arena were evident in both their bookmark designs and their well-deserved success. Krista Grace from TASL extended her congratulations, emphasizing the remarkable designs of their bookmarks, which stood out among the Division III digital entries.

In a moment of pride for the community, the winning bookmarks will be shared across Tennessee schools and presented to state legislators on Legislative Day in March. This not only honors the achievements of Abigail and Emily but also underscores the significance of school libraries, reading, and art within the Germantown Municipal School District. The recognition serves as a testament to the commitment of GMSD in fostering a culture that values creativity, education, and the arts. Congratulations to Abigail Koertge, Emily Chow, and all those who entered this contest!