Houston Middle Dancer Takes the Delta Fair Stage by Storm

Lydia Stuart, an 8th-grade student at HMS, proved that age is no barrier to talent when she emerged as the shining star of the senior division at the Delta Fair's Dancing Stars Competition, held on Sunday, Sept. 10.  Lydia's performance in her contemporary solo, "Reign," left judges and spectators in awe.

Lydia's exceptional talent and hard work were on full display as she secured first place in the senior division, outclassing 30 other remarkable routines. Her victory not only earned her a coveted trophy but also a well-deserved $500 cash prize.

However, Lydia's triumph didn't stop there. Her performance also earned her the highest score of the entire competition, which featured a total of 38 routines. This remarkable achievement added another trophy to her collection, along with an additional $300 cash prize.

A dedicated dancer, Lydia is a proud member of Studio B dance, where she hones her skills for 10-12 hours each week. Beyond her rigorous training schedule, Lydia gives back to the dance community by volunteering as a teaching assistant at the studio for 6 hours every week. Her commitment to dance and her passion for sharing her knowledge with others have made her a beloved figure among her peers and instructors.

Lydia Stuart's passion for dance, her remarkable achievements, and her commitment to giving back through teaching make her a role model for young dancers everywhere. Her journey is far from over, and Germantown eagerly awaits her future performances and continued success.