GMSD Celebrates this year’s Retirees

May 2023 –Congratulations to the 2023 retirees! Their efforts have shaped the minds and hearts of countless students, leaving an indelible mark on many lives. Congratulations to Pam White, Liz Williams, Bill Perry, Kathie Hughes, Becky Yarbrough, Liz Dias, and Philip McKelvey. 


Pam White is a beloved administrator for GMSD, and her dedication to the students at Riverdale is remarkable. Pam says that she views her colleagues as family and will miss their camaraderie. Her hope is that each child’s life she has been a part of can truthfully say that she gave them her best. 


Liz Williams has served in various roles for GMSD, including her current position as an ESE Para-Professional. She loves seeing her students grow and progress, and she will miss working with the children as well as sharing laughs with her co-workers every day. Her hopes for her students are that they can live their best life and experience true joy each and every day. 


Bill Perry has been at Houston High School since it opened 34 years ago! He has taught a variety of classes and has been an essential member of the HHS faculty. He will miss his interactions with his students the most, as he was always looking for the opportunity to make a difference in their lives. He hopes all of his students remember that he wanted the best for them in all that they do.


Kathie Hughes has spent the last 18 years of her career at Riverdale and has made a lasting impact on countless students and colleagues. Kathie said, “I will miss the children and the daily moments that come from working with them.” Kathie encourages her students to open their hearts, minds, and eyes to find their happiness. 


Becky Yarbrough has been at Farmington Elementary for nine years. She says that she will miss seeing the kids learn and grow, as well as working with staff and co-workers. Her hopes for her students are that they keep on learning and being successful, making a positive impact in their world and lives. Her lasting words of wisdom would be that successful students possess a desire to keep learning and not give up. 


Liz Dias has held various leadership roles including Whole Child Director, and she was GMSD’s first principal at Houston Middle School. She introduced the house system to Houston Middle, which has been a huge and lasting success. Her hope for her students would be that they all grow up to be thoughtful and kind individuals, and her advice to aspiring teachers is simple: always smile and let your students know you care. 


Philip McKelvey has been a fixture at Houston Middle School as long as anyone can remember. His students have found him to be an unforgettable teacher, full of fun and energy. He inspires them to love science and explore the world around them. 


Congratulations to the 2023 retirees! You will all be dearly missed, but we wish you well on your next adventure!