Students in Ms. Andrea Starks' Classroom Deliver Delicious Results with Research Project

May 2023 – Houston Middle School Career Exploration students in Ms. Andrea Starks' class have taken their love for cheeseburgers to a whole new level by transforming it into a tasty classroom project. They went on to become food critics and writers, sharing their experiences and insights about local restaurant burgers. Their project not only highlighted their passion for burgers but also showcased their ability to think critically and creatively.


HMS teacher, Andrea Starks, came up with the idea to dive into the beginnings of the cheeseburger itself, as well as the careers involved in the whole process, which ultimately allowed her students to step into the role of food critics.


They agreed on the restaurants, studied the techniques for writing professional emails and drafted one to send to each restaurant requesting the tasty subjects for an experiment. They made sure to eliminate variables in the test by requesting burgers plain (only cheese and meat). They developed a rubric to evaluate specific factors. Then, they adjudicated the results with a blind taste test and then analyzed the results. Ultimately, the winning burger was from Let It Fly, with a total score of 3.8, but to check out their full findings, click on the picture!