Vote on GMSD’s April Athlete of the Month for High School and Middle School

GMSD is excited to announce the April nominations for Athlete of the Month, presented by Alisha Dumas with State Farm. These nominations are based on athletic work ethic, attitude, and sportsmanship, but these student athletes are just that - students first, athletes second.  They must have good academic standing, maintain a good attendance record, and have a positive outlook towards their education and their community. Receiving a nomination is an honor in itself!

Each month the community will get to vote on which athlete they would like to see become the GMSD Athlete of the Month. There is a High School category and a Middle School category. Voting for these categories will be kept separate, so each month there will be an Athlete of the Month from the High School and the Middle School. The winners will be announced towards the end of each month. 

Here are the April High School nominees: 

Brynley DeLancey - Senior, Softball 

Brynley started playing softball at 9 years old, and during her sophomore year of high school, she transferred from Collierville to Houston. One of her biggest career highlights is later that same year, in their game against Collierville, Brynley hit two homeruns. She has a batting average in the 400s. She received co-defensive player of the year last year, and she was honored as one of the Top Players to Watch in 2022. She has been a captain of the softball team for the last three years, and she will continue her softball career at Webster University in the fall. She is known for how supportive she is of her teammates, and she loves cheering for them both on and off the field. She brings a positive mindset to every aspect of the game that she loves. 

Eva Gautreaux - Senior, Track & Field 

Eva began running track in the sixth grade and started pursuing it competitively in seventh grade with the Memphis Mustangs. Through Memphis Mustangs she has qualified for the Junior Olympics every year, and this past year with Houston, she won the Tennessee State Indoor and is ranked the number 1 400 runner in the state. Track & Field have created an environment where she has learned so many leadership skills. Her dedication and commitment to the sport is encouraged by the community she has with her teammates. She plans to continue her career as a student athlete in college. 

Trevor Hodgson - Senior, Track & Field

Trevor began running track in middle school, and his love for the sport first started with cross country. He followed in his older sister's footsteps and began pursuing both cross country and track & field. He loves the sport and after a balancing act between soccer and track, he decided to focus on track. He recently came in 5th place at state for the 800, but some of his best memories with his sport are centered on his teammates. He enjoys getting to be a part of a team and always having a support system in his teammates. 

Manu Monserrat - Senior, Soccer

Manu began playing soccer at age 6, and he has played on multiple state and regional teams. He was selected to go to the national team camp in 2018. He loves the game and how it brings people together. Some of his favorite memories include watching his first professional soccer game with his family and scoring his first high school goal as a Mustang. He is always working to make himself and his teammates proud, and he says scoring a goal like that was incredibly memorable. 

Rylee Roper - Junior, Softball 

Rylee began playing softball in middle school, and she has continued to work hard each and every year. She was a student at Riverdale and joined the Houston Middle School team, and from there she has now continued her softball career at Houston High School. Rylee is known for her encouraging and uplifting spirit, always wanting her teammates to be proud of themselves for all the work they put in. As a focused and driven student athlete, Rylee also maintains above a 4.0 GPA. 

Clayton Somogyi - Junior, Soccer

Clayton began playing soccer around the age of 3 years old, and by first grade, he was playing competitively. Some of his teammates at such a young age, would end up becoming some of his best friends and closest teammates at Houston. Clayton is a 3 time state champion with his competitive team the 05 Germantown Legends Black, and they have also qualified for regionals the last five years. He has an incredible love of the game, but he enjoys getting to be with his teammates most. He says that the team is made up of all friends, and this chemistry off the field is then translated into how well they can play the game together. His goal is to continue his passion for the game and play on a collegiate level. 

Here are the April Middle School nominees: 

Addyson Knowles - Riverdale, 6th Grade, Track & Field 

Addyson enjoys competition, and track & field have given her multiple challenges to work through. Addy is a competitive athlete, as she also plays soccer. She was recently invited to a US Soccer Talent ID Center. Addy is also a member of the LobosRushE64 2009 team, even though she is a 2010. She also made the ODP region team for soccer. No matter the sport, she is always persevering and pushing herself. This year, she wanted to try something new, so she chose hurdles. She also participates in the 100 and the 4x4. She loves that with track, she can compete in multiple different events and really showcase her competitive edge!

Myles Martin - Houston Middle School, 8th Grade, Track & Field 

Myles has been running since he was in the third grade at Dogwood. He started out as a competitive gymnast, but in sixth grade he decided to focus on running. He participates in the 800, in which he most recently finished 2nd place. In his 4x4 run, he is the anchor, and they most recently finished third. He also received first place in high jump with his new personal best of 5'4". He is an honor student, and he is the president at HMS for the National Junior Honor Society. He is also a talented musician, and he plays the viola. This past year he was 2nd chair in All West. He pursues things with excellence, but he is also always respectful and loving to those around him. 

Cohen Talley - Riverdale, 8th Grade, Soccer 

Cohen started playing soccer at age 5, and he started competitively at age 8. He now plays for the Riverdale Raiders, and his competitive team is the Germantown Legends. Cohen is the captain for both of these teams, and he is a leader both on and off the field. He is a member of the Germantown Movers Leadership Council and the Tennessee State Soccer Team. Cohen has a love of the game, and he enjoys being a part of a team. He recently returned from training in Madrid over Spring Break.

Chloe Tankersley - GOAL/Houston Middle School, 6th Grade, Track & Field 

Chloe started her track & field career because she had grown up around the sport. Watching her older siblings compete in all different events, she realized that she could showcase multiple talents in one sport. She currently runs the 1600 and 800, and she has recently started long jump as well. She is a strong distance runner, and she competes with the cross country team as well. As a GOAL student, she competed at Forest Hill Elementary, and she now competes with Houston Middle School. She is passionate about the teamwork and support that goes into each and every competition.  

Demetri Thomas - Houston Middle School, 8th Grade, Soccer

Demetri started playing soccer when he was only 4 years old, and he has evolved his game over time. He began playing club soccer in 2017, and he is now the goalie for HMS. He is a multi-sport athlete, also running cross country and playing basketball with his rec team. He loves sports, but he mostly loves being part of a team. He is also a great student athlete, as he is a member of the Junior National Honor Society. He is a team leader for the Mustangs, and he is known for being an encouraging and supportive teammate.

Christian White - Riverdale, 8th Grade, Track & Field 

Christian is new to Riverdale, and in his first year running track & field! He has loved getting to be involved, and he considers his teammates some of his closest friends. He competes in the 100, 400, shotput, and discus. He is very team focused, and he brings a positive spirit to every practice and meet they have.


Congratulations to these athletes! Click here to cast your vote! Voting closes Thursday, April 27 at 12:00pm!