Houston Middle Cheer Receives the Nations Cup at Nationals

GMSD is delighted to share the exceptional achievements of our talented cheer squads who have made us proud by securing a spot in the top ten in the nation. This achievement speaks volumes about their hard work, dedication, and tireless efforts to perfect their routines.

We are particularly thrilled to showcase the Houston Middle School Small Squad, who have taken the national and international cheerleading scene by storm. In the National Championships held in Orlando, the team emerged victorious, putting on a remarkable performance that earned them the title of National Champions.

Their journey did not end there. The Houston Middle School Small Squad went on to compete in the World Championship, where they put on a flawless performance that left the judges with no other option but to declare them World Champions. This is an incredible achievement that not only highlights their exceptional talent but also the relentless effort they put into every routine.

To add to their long list of accolades, the squad was awarded the Nations Cup, an award given to the highest-scoring team in each country. This was the first time Houston Middle School had received this prestigious award, and it is a testament to the team's dedication, commitment, and unwavering spirit.

Houston Cheer is getting ready to head to Orlando for their National Finals in just a few days, and their show night brought a full house to see their amazing Nationals ready routines.