Door decorating contest at Houston Middle for Bullying Prevention Week

Germantown, Tennessee-- March 22, 2022--The Houston Middle School Bullying Prevention Week was held from February 14th through February 18th.  Here are some of the activities that they did:
  • Bullying Prevention Spirit Week 
  • Students took the Olweus Bullying Survey
  • Poster Contest to create a new poster to display their Bullying Prevention Agreement (Please see the attached picture for the winner) out of hundreds of entries, the Bullying Prevention Coordinating Committee voted on the top three, who won a $25 gift card to either Amazon, Target or Apple.  The 3 winners are below.
  • Students participated in a door decorating contest.  Each house meeting created a door that symbolized one of their bullying prevention agreements.  Teachers chose one winner from each hallway and parents are currently voting for their favorite of the winners on the HMS facebook page.  The winning house meeting will get a donut party.
    • Andalusian: We will take behaviors as a serious matter.
    • Dartmoor: We will not participate in bullying behavior.
    • Lipizzan: We will defend students who are targets of bullying behaviors and will include willing students who feel left out.
    • Percheron: We will report bullying behaviors to an adult at school and an adult at home.
hms bullying prevention week